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Cuban Cigar Limited Editions

The Limited Edition is characterized by cigars that don't exist in the havitual range of the brand, and in addition to the special care in their elaboration, as a more distinct feature, incorporated a cery careful selection of a two years aged wrapper, thus giving it a more pronounced colour than the usual wrappers of Habanos.
The Limited Edition distinguishes itself for the inclusion of sizes which are not part of the usual range of the brand, and is characterized by a special manufacture.
The Limited Edition is characterized by consisting of some really reduced quantities, within the line of Habanos S.A. to facillitate very exclusive products for the most demanding smokers.

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cuban cigars at special price cuban cigars at special price cuban cigars

Edicion Limitada
Code Name Image Price Description  
Cohiba14 Cohiba Piramid Extra - Out of Stock
6 1/3 * 54

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